The beginning

There was once a Mother figure and a father figure…

and then POOF!

There was Victory… a new Weener !

 I was born, named Vicky Weener on the 19th of November 1993…

the beginning of an incredibly random chaotic but colorful chain of story’s.

Find out more by scrolling through the different tabs on this page… if your interested of course ?! but the fact that you are already reading this answered that question.

of course you might still be thinking right now what this is all about… well ok then I will shortly explain a bit more …right here right now… as this is the HOME page…

 Basically enlightening you with a bit more about… well me…

there has always been a fiery passion within                                                                to give unusual answers, and also doing what is not expected of me…           maybe doing a lot more than expected too… but completely different things… basically that is a massive part of what I do…                                                            another massive part of what I like doing is helping others.                                           I just love making people smile,                  

                                                                But by far the biggest factor                        why I created this blog…. is…                                                                                           I can’t finish challenges very well (because im me…and also a lil thing called ADHD) so I thought I just give myself a challenge which doesn’t need finishing…

that is why I started this blog

still wondering what its going to be about ?

                well long story short…I hope to Help ME, YOU and OTHERS                                       through sharing experiences.

Read my blog everyday (hopefully) a new post,

about : random topics, health, food, more food, choices and just ways to be nice and my daily (normal) experiences written in long and impulsive and PURE storys on MY BLOGVictorious Weener.

enjoy !


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